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BEI Accountability Group

You may have seen my post on Facebook but perhaps not. I am starting an accountability group for those who wish to prepare for their BEI Basic exam. It may work as well for the Advanced and Master test, but no promises. I am envisioning my fellow interpreters who feel the pressure of looming test dates.
This group will receive info and encouragement from me and we may attempt to meet up at some point. There is no fee and no pressure. It is mostly self guided and monitored. You choose your goals and are accountable to you only but I will be sending at least weekly goodies, suggested exercises, resources, etc. This will be a six month ordeal that hopefully will help prepare you mentally and skillfully for your exam.

Feel free at any time to be removed from this list. All information is kept confidential and only the best of intentions are offered as the D/deaf Community needs you and I love encouraging. :o) All my support!  Simply send an email informing me of your wishes!

Torri Ryder _\m/


TLC Training Logo - 2016

TLC Interpreting Services, LLC presents
Total Language Comprehension Training Series for 2016

“No Excuses, No Fear”

Target Audience: student & working interpreters who wish to improve their skills by working hard.

This Professional Studies program is offered for .225 CEUs at the Little to Extensive Content Knowledge Level for each training. For information regarding accommodations, cancellation and refund policies, please contact info(at) or 636.485.4863

All trainings will be held from 6:15 pm – 8:30 pm
$20.00 suggested for .225 RID/MICS CEUs

Holy Cross Lutheran Church for the Deaf
1135 Macklind Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110


TLC English Proficiency Training

Trainees will develop and improve their English and sign vocabulary. A variety of activities involving etymology, meanings, synonyms, antonyms, grammar, reading comprehension, and site translations may be targeted in any one session. Nuances of terms and signs will be discussed and practiced in sentences and passages selected to enhance learning of new skills.

English Skills Schedule:

February 22, April 25, June 27, August 22, and October 24, 2016


TLC Receptive Skills Training

Trainees will voice selected signed passages. When all trainees have voiced the piece, they will then review their voiced work and provide self feedback. After completed, the group will regather and debrief the passage together. Be sure that your voice recording device is fully charged and has space available. :o)

Receptive Skills Schedule:

January 11, March 14, May 9, July 11, September 12, November 14, 2016


TLC Ethics/ Scenarios Training

Trainees will discuss and explore professional dilemmas encountered in the field of interpreting. Trainees will also engage in real work scenarios to develop their skills when actual encounters are experienced on the job.

Ethic Skills Schedule:

January 25, March 29, May 23, July 25, September 26, November 28, 2016


TLC Expressive Skills Training

Trainees will “cold” sign selected verbal passages and record on their own device for later review. Partners will provide live feedback on the passage just viewed. After all participants have completed interpreting, the group will debrief the passage together. A final “rehearsed” interpretation may be filmed if time allows. Be sure that your video recording device is fully charged and has space available. :o)

Expressive Skills Schedule:

February 8, April 11, June 13, August 8, October 10, December 12, 2016


Download the TLC Training 2016 Series Schedule


Further info:

Each date is a stand alone training and does not have to be taken in order as each training is unique. Trainings can be taken whenever it fits your schedule. If all trainings are attended, over 4.5 CEUs will be awarded.

The training series can be taken as a whole or as an individual session. $20 is  per each training date. The format of the training allows various skill levels to benefit at the same time. This series is designed to offer intensive training in the four areas of vocabulary, expressive, receptive and ethics/scenarios regardless of current skill level. Flexibility and options were paramount for busy interpreters in presenting this series.



TLC is pleased to announce that the entire 2016 TLC Training Series has been approved for RID CEUs! For a schedule, click TLC Training 2016 Series Schedule. Please note that in light of Missouri adopting the BEI Certification test, Vocabulary has been replaced with English Proficiency Training. Please also note that Missouri will require .3 CEUs in Ethics specifically. TLC is pleased to offer this training throughout the year.

As a reminder, each training is worth .225 CEUs at the low cost of $20. Each training is different and any one can be taken in any order at any time. This series is convenient for those with busy lives who wish quality hands-on training.  The environment is very safe and comfortable to practice skills and make mistakes – especially since we all make mistakes and our work can always be improved.  And as our motto states, “No Fear” and “No excuses”!

TLC Training Logo - 2016

We look forward to another fantastic year! Thank you all once again and a very Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours!